Product name: alprazolam
Purity: 99.8%
Appearance: white powder
Application: Research purpose
Production Capacity: 500kg/Month
Storage: Kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place

Packing: Aluminum foil bag or customized.
Shipping term: Air express by FEDEX, EMS, UPS or according to your requirements.
Delivery time: within 24 hours after payment
Payment method: Western union, Money Gram, Bitcoins

We guarantee good quality, 100% refunded if parcel is not delivered or poor quality.

We produce High Purity ALPRAZOLAM POWDER , Have more than a decade of experience with international market throughout
the United States, Canada, Australia and many European countries. With regards to its production and transportation, we are very professional.
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Some of its uses are.

Treating anxiety disorders

Panic disorders.

Disorders caused by depression.

Obviously in making Xanax pills or tablets

Some of its side effects include

Decreased motivation



Lost of memory

Seizures and confusion


Depression and slurred speech.

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When you happen to experience any of these, rush to a medical doctor.

Do some lab test and you will be found.

Also, sudden withdrawal from Xanax powder is not good.

It can also lead to death.

So it is a slow but sure process.

You can also post to blogs and view response from experience drug dealers.

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Xanax can interact with certain medications, including antidepressants (Fluvoxamine), opioid analgesics (Tramadol),

Anticonvulsants (Lamotrigine) or muscle relaxants (Baclofen).
To reduce the risk of adverse reactions, it is not recommended to take Xanax together with such medicines,

antihistamines (Cetirizine)

antiretroviral (Ritonavir)

antifungal (Ketoconazole)

some antibiotics (Erythromycin)

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