Buy 4-MEC online; Known as 4-MEC (4-Methylethcathinone) is part of the Cathinone/Amphetamine family of chemicals and phenethylamine classes, and is similar in structure to Mephedrone, 3-MMC, 3-MEC etc. sells 4-MEC in its purest available form (99%+), sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers and labs.

Everything you want to know about 4-MEC

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4 – MEC is a stimulant or a psychoactive substance known for generating empathogenic effects in humans.

This drug has a close resemblance to Mephedrone and is widely advertised as its replacement.

This composition has a very short history of usage, as it was available in the market only in 2010.

4-MEC is rapidly gaining demand as it is relatively cheaper than mephedrone.

Buy 4-MEC online

What is 4-MEC?

4- MEC or 4-Methylethcathinone is a recreational drug which is legally available in some countries and is sold as a cheap alternative to mephedrone.

A psychoactive drug is a substance which affects the brain by altering its functions.

Any person who will buy 4-MEC and use it isunder its effect experiences changes in moods and behavior for a short duration of time.

This stimulant works by reducing the user’s awareness to his surroundings. In addition, it makes the user relax and reduces his actions.

4-MEC effects

It induces a pleasant feeling of euphoria making the user ecstatic.

A user has to moderate the levels of dosage to experience positive effects as an overdose of any drug produces negative results.

Some have reported a pleasurable deep diaphragmatic breathing.

It burns a lot upon blowing or insufflations.

To avoid the burning sensation, one can consume it orally.

4-MEC availability

With a purity level of more than 98%, it is available in the form of white crystalline shards. These shards look like sea salt but are rectangular in shape and it is very easy to crush them.

Reports suggest that the effects of the drug vanish in about 24 hours.

4 –MEC is still under research and its effects are not fully known, but people who buy 4-MEC and use the drug claim that the effects are somewhere in the range of cocaine and MDMA.

There are many websites selling this drug like other psychoactive drugs.

Checking reviews on company websites and online forums is a good idea.

This helps the users decide the quantity and safety of the dosage.

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It is not as strong as mephedrone, but starting with just a line of about 100 mg in an invariable fashion can make the user crave for another indulgence in 14 hours.

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It’s worth checking your local laws before ordering, as 4-MEC is a banned substance in many countriessuch as the UK.

4-MEC is sold for in vitro research purposes only. It is not intended for any human consumption what so ever.

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